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Since 2008 more than 133 Tibetans have set themselves on fire, a practice known as self immolation. Whilst many of these people are ordinary Tibetan members of the public most have been monks and nuns. Tibetan Buddhism states very clearly that the taking of any life is wrong, whether it’s human animal or any other lifeform, so why is this happening?
Since 1959 the Tibetans have been living under Communist rule following the Chinese invasion of their country. When this happened, the Tibetans were not educated people, their lives mostly consisted of prayers farming and family life. Knowing this, the Chinese president Mao Tse Dong convinced the Tibetan people that his government could improve their lives
by giving them better opportunities and a better economy.

What actually happened, was that the Chinese Communist Party took control of Tibet and began to force the Tibetans to live under Communist rule. At this time His Holiness the Dalai lama was just a young boy of 15 yrs and when the Chinese invaded in 1959 he was forced to step up and become a leader to the Tibetan people. Anyone who refused to follow Communist rule was killed or tortured or thrown into prison, and his Holiness the Dalai lama was eventually forced to flee his country because he knew that Tibetan people would fight for him and lose their lives in the process. His Holiness now resides in Dharamsala India with many of the Tibetan people who followed him but why are people taking such drastic action as self immolating in Tibet?
There are many reasons, but one key reason is they see this as the only way to get their voice heard across the world but the Chinese Communist Government censor most of what goes on the news and so people never get to hear about what’s happening.
There really is no other way of drawing attention to what’s happening! What can they do? Complain to their government? This is difficult when it is their government who are persecuting them?
Since 1959 the Tibetans have been subjected to the most horrendous treatment. Monks and nuns have been killed, raped, and forced to do the most despicable acts for the entertainment of the Chinese Communist army. Even now in the 21st Century, anyone caught with anything relating to his Holiness the Dalai lama is subject to long-term imprisonment, torture or even death.
The Tibetan people can no longer practice their own culture, religion or speak their own mother tongue. Children are educated only in Chinese language and many cannot speak Tibetan and do not know anything about their Tibetan roots.
Journalists and tourists are often banned from entering Tibet, Internet connections are often down in the belief that nobody will hear what is happening but here we have a democracy and can shout!!!!
The practices and traditional institutions of Buddhism, which is a central component of Tibetan life, are strictly curtailed.
In March 2010 the Dalai Lama, spiritual leader of the Tibetan people, accused China of attempting to “deliberately annihilate Buddhism”.
Nunneries and monasteries are kept under the sort of tight surveillance normally reserved for terrorist groups. They are overseen by government-appointed ‘Democratic Management Groups’ and many have police stations situated nearby or even inside.
Monks, nuns and religious figures are often victims of human rights abuses and many are political prisoners, such as senior monk Tenzin Deleg Rinpoche
Re-education Programmes
Monks and nuns are regularly subjected to ‘patriotic re-education programmes’ (PRE), for weeks at a time.
During these programmes, they are forced to read ‘patriotic’ literature denouncing the Dalai Lama.
Those who refuse to take part, or fail the programme, often have their rights to practice taken away.
The penalties for refusing to participate or failing the programme include fines, beatings and expulsion from a nunnery.
In May 2008 54 were nuns were arrested and beaten after refusing to denounce the Dalai Lama.

Who would have thought that in the 21st century these things would still be allowed to happen but they do? And China are the Abusers.