So what is a Buddhist Mentor?

First of all, please don’t panic just because the word Buddhism has been mentioned. The work I do is actually non-religious. Yes It’s true I am a Buddhist by faith but the work I do is eclectic the people who use my service come from all walks of life, and from many religious and faith-based backgrounds. The reason why my work as a mentor is so popular, is because here in Western society life is so chaotic and hectic. Many people nowadays are driven by meeting impossible targets and deadlines often to the extent that they are suddenly struck with a mystery type illness. This illness or disorder is known more commonly as workplace burnout. Of course, workplace burn out is not the only reason why people visit my mentoring service. Often the people who visit me have tried many different forms of counselling, but all have returned to the same problem. The reason for this I believe, is because the underlying issue hasn’t been dealt with properly. We all have the answers to our own problems but sometimes we need someone to help us coax it out. Unlike some forms of counselling, Buddhist mentoring doesn’t encourage the person to revisit their problem. This is because in Buddhism the past has no purpose whatsoever for the rest of our lives. The past has gone it can’t be touched changed or in impacted in any way whatsoever, the future is an Illusion it hasn’t happened yet, so it’s quite pointless to use energy in worrying about something that didn’t even happen. All we really have is now at this present time and it’s so precious that it simply doesn’t make sense to waste it in anger pain or distress.
In Buddhist mentoring, you’ll be encouraged to really examine your ways of thinking and your beliefs about life and the world around you. It is not an easy journey so, if you’re expecting some kind of miracle cure it might be better for you to explore alternative ways of dealing with your issues. If you are prepared however to really do some serious soul-searching, then you are guaranteed to be liberated from the problems you have almost immediately.

buddhist Mentoring




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