The heart and mind are your temple

This page will give you a whole mishmash of beautiful spiritual things. As a practising Buddhist, I believe it is important to share wisdom and knowledge with everyone. As unique human beings, we all have our own beliefs and our own knowledge about the world, and where better to share it than right here?
So let me introduce myself.…
My name is Julie I am a normal average working class woman, a practising Tibetan Buddhist and a successful spiritual author. Much of my spiritual experience, has been gathered in India where I spent several months studying Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and traditional Indian healthcare.
I have successfully published two books the first being about death and dying, subjects that are often highly complex here in the West. The book title is a death worth living for, and it explores the fears thoughts and beliefs about death here in the west. My second book, is entitled home is where I am the little golden book of Mindfullness for Westerners. This book explores the Western mind, and how we deal with stress compared to many people from middle eastern cultures. Both of my books are available on Amazon.
In addition to my work as a Buddhist mentor and author, I also run workshops which include laughter yoga, meditation, and a Tibetan Buddhist study group which meet every month.
I strongly believe, that the heart and mind really are your temple. If the heart and mind are pure then your body is balanced physically mentally and spiritually




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